Harriet Chan
Why do watches have jewels?
When watchmakers talk about jewels, they are not referring to the decorative gemstones on your watch’s bezel or band. Rather, the ‘jewels’ they’re referring to are inside your watch movement, unseen but...
Breitling watch
How to Baby Your Breitling
Buying a Breitling is like buying a piece of fine art: You have spent hours researching your favorite watchmakers to find just the right one, you saved your money, and now you made your purchase. Unlike...
longines watch factory
The History of The Longines Watch Company
Like many towns within ‘The Watch Valley of Switzerland’, the 19th century residents in the French speaking town, of Saint-Imier, gave up agriculture in favor of more lucrative jobs in the...
Prepping Your Watch
Tips for Prepping Your Clock or Watch for Shipment
Gone are the days when you only had one or two nearby repair shops you could choose from to fix your antique pendulum clock or expensive wristwatch. Today, after searching through hundreds of Google ads...
rolex gmt master 6542
The Rolex GMT-Master and The Pepsi Bezel
In January 1914, the St. Petersburg-Tampa Airboat Line conducted the world’s first scheduled airline flight, traveling a short 17 miles from St. Petersburg to Tampa, Florida, a significant event....

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