Keep Your Seiko Watch as Good as New
How to Keep Your Seiko Watch as Good as New
Seiko watches aren’t cheap. They can cost anywhere from $100 to several thousand. And with that price comes quality. They’re good watches that look great on the wrist. So, if you spent the money and have...
the history of ebel watch brand
The History of the EBEL Watch Brand
The EBEL watch house’s history is somewhat unusual and full of romance, which gives the watch of this brand a veil of mystery and sophistication… But first things first. A brand that captures...
Seiko Launches Street Fighter Limited Edition Watches
Seiko Launches Street Fighter Limited Edition Watches
Today, we will be talking to you about a very exciting event: Seiko has just launched their brand new, Street Fighter Limited Edition watches! If you are a fan of the popular street fighter game, this...
Water-logged Watch solutions
Water-logged Watch? Here’s What to Do
Water is life. It makes up the majority of Earth and our bodies, and its individual components are some of the most common elements in the universe. Without it, we cannot exist. However, with it, we can...
Metallica and Nixon Watches
Metallica and Nixon Watches
If you are into watches and love Metallica, then the collaboration between Metallica and Nixon would be one of the most exciting news for you as well. The news of Nixon watches collaborating with Metallica...

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