The History Of The Rotary Watch Company
The History Of The Rotary Watch Company
Today, I will be speaking about the history of the ever popular Rotary Watch Company and how they have affected the UK market. The Rotary Watch Company was founded back in 1895 by Moise Dreyfuss in the...
The History of British Watchmaking
The History of British Watchmaking
While in today’s time, we are mostly familiar with the quality of Swiss watches, back in the 1800s this wasn’t at all the case. In fact, half of the world’s watches were produced by British watchmakers...
The History of Dive Watches
The History of Dive Watches
Watches have been used as portable timekeeping devices for a long time now. Suppose you are in space, the watch on your wrist will accurately tell you the time. Similarly, the divers who undertake the...
omega watch repair
The Omega Museum
Whenever someone mentions luxury Swiss watchmaking brands, one name is sure to pop up in your mind – Omega: one of the oldest luxury watchmakers based in Biel, Switzerland. The luxury brand is known...
tag heuer watch repair
10 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About TAG Heuer
Switzerland, as we know, is known for being the first choice for many people for the purpose of having a vacation due to the enthralling beauty of the Alps. But there is another aspect that is unique to...

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