The Most Impressive Watch Company
The Lemania Watch Company is (probably) the most impressive watch company – you’ve never heard of. While brands like Rolex, Omega, Cartier, and Patek Philippe, are well known – Lemania,...
Emily Konatella
Which type of watch would be best for an outdoor enthusiast to take on their adventures?
If you enjoy embarking on regular outdoor adventures, you need a watch you can rely on, no matter how tough the terrain. So, which type of watch is right for an outdoor enthusiast like yourself? Below...
Kobold Sopranos Watch
The Kobold 'Sopranos' Watch
The recent resurgence of American watchmaking has seen a ton of interesting new brands come to market. Among them, one of the world’s last independent, family-owned luxury goods manufacturers. From...
The Most Popular Watch Blog | Times Ticking
TAG Heuer Mario Kart 'Limited Edition' Watches
In 1985, TAG (Techniques d’Avant Garde), a French company that manufactured high-tech equipment such as ceramic turbochargers for Formula One vehicles, and Ron Dennis, a British businessman, acquired Heuer,...
Jacob Villa
What makes you love high-end timepieces?
From Rolex to Rado, Oris to Omega – luxury watches lend an air of class and elegance to every wrist on which they rest. Our reasons for loving them go far beyond mere status symbols, though. Watch...

The Most Popular Watches

From world-famous brands like Rolex, Citizen, Movado to more under-the-radar names that have caught our editors’ eye.

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