Julia Mathers
How do water-resistant watches work? 
A quality watchmaker uses several mechanisms to make a timepiece truly water-resistant or waterproof. It’s not just about sealing the inner workings from moisture intrusion. Different watches will have...
Jack Williams
Do watch repair shops typically have insurance if something goes wrong during service? Why or why not?
Whether you inherited a vintage Rolex Submariner or recently spent thousands on new Grand Seiko, your first priority is to make sure your timepiece is serviced with care. That means you’ll need to make...
Cornell Watch Ad
The History Of The Cornell Watch Company
Over 150 years ago, in 1870, Paul Cornell, a real-estate dealer, teamed up with J.C. Adams who was a noted watchmaker at this time. Together, they organized The Cornell Watch Company.  Cornell...
Understanding The Clepsydra
  It is an almost innate human need to count our seconds, to track time. Our ancestors had devised many clever ways to tell time; everything from the reading of the stars in the heavens, to the passing...
Elisa Bender
How do clock experts determine if a vintage clock is valuable?
You just found an ancient-looking clock in grandpa’s attic and wonder if it could be worth something. Before you pay a tidy sum for a professional appraisal, though, you might want to check out what clock...

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