Arabic Numerals
Arabic Numerals
In timekeeping, there are plentiful ways to display the time. Currently, many watchmakers are following the trend of minimalist displays—leaving printed numerals in the past. Despite this trend, more traditional...
Western Aesthetics
Western Aesthetics
In a previous TT post, the prevalence of pocket watches—and other timepieces—in the “Western” genre of entertainment was discussed. With the aesthetic of the Wild West influencing timekeeping (and vice-versa),...
10 Watch Hands To Dial-In To
Watch Hands in Ads
In direct advertising, the watch dial is the first defense in brand building for watch companies. Whether they’re presenting images indoors, outdoors, on a model, or in a lighted studio, time-oriented...
Watch Hands in Ads
Timex Q Reissue: It Keeps on Ticking
Timex has been building watches since 1854. However, their widespread fame didn’t hit its stride until the 1950’s. During that decade, their successful stress-test advertising—featuring the iconic slogan...
westworld watches
Westworld Watches
Film, television, and video gaming are currently experiencing a solid resurgence of the Western genre. Between HBO’s Westworld, Rockstar Game’s Red Dead Redemption II, and a seemingly endless stream of...

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