Rolex: In a League of Its Own
Rolex: In a League of Its Own
With all the charm of a secretive Swiss bank and mostly unchanging, utilitarian designs, you’d imagine Rolex timepieces would sooner belong in a museum than on someone’s wrist. And yet, if someone were...
West End Watch Company Post
The History Of The West End Watch Company
Established in 1886, the inception of the West End Watch Company drew inspiration from the vibrant district located at the heart of London, known as the West End. The name was conceived by M. Arnold Charpié,...
Jacob & Co. Watch Repair 15
Unleash Your Inner Hip-Hop Icon: The Jacob & Co. Five Time Zone Watch
In the world of hip-hop, where fashion reigns supreme, one accessory stands out above the rest – the Jacob & Co. Five Time Zone Watch. This timepiece isn’t just a watch; it’s a symbol...
Karan Tiwari
What types of watches can you pawn and does it depend on the brand?
While it’s a no-brainer that certain luxury and well-known brands will always hold significant value, it really depends on the individual pawnbroker as to what price they can offer for your timepiece....
Elgin Observatory
The Elgin National Watch Company Observatory
The United States National Bureau of Standards (now known as The National Institute of Standards and Technology) was founded by Congress on March 3, 1901, as an authoritative domestic measurement...

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