Winding Watches
Winding Watches
The amount of time a watch can hold a power reserve—aka a “wind”—varies from timepiece to timepiece. Although plethora watches have wind capability, there is no standardized length at which all of these...
Water-logged Watch solutions
What is Water Resistance?
A common stamp on modern watches, the phrase “water resistant” is kind of a loaded term. Although the phrase is often followed with a “meters” depth—or pressure units known as “bars” or “atmospheres”—this...
Pokémon Watches
Pokémon Watches
With Pokémon GO’s recent 3 year anniversary, and the release of the new film Detective Pikachu, the Pokémon franchise keeps continually updating fans with plenty of fresh poké-content and merchandise....
Native American Art and Watches
Native American Art and Watches
In timekeeping, there’s a uniquely American style of wristwatch—the “Southwest” style watch. These timepieces are predicated on a rich history of Native American jewelry-making that predates European influence...
Waltham Watch History
"Mass." Production: Waltham Watch History
With European watchmaking having a well established history, it was only a matter of time that European immigrants would bring their skills to the New World. In the 19th century—with the United States...

The Most Popular Watches

From world-famous brands like Rolex, Citizen, Movado to more under-the-radar names that have caught our editors’ eye.

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