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Quartz Movements
The operating standard for accurate timekeeping was the pendulum clock, from the 17th century until the late 1920s. What changed this? Well, the answer is in the title! As it were, the quartz movement...
Rolex and the Date Window
Rolex and the Date Window
On a previous date, in a previous Times Ticking blog post, we discussed the significance of the time “10:10” in watch ads. In today’s world, this hand position has been (and continues to be) important...
What is Atomic Time
What is Atomic Time?
Often, the smallest things can have the largest impact on our daily lives. All of our modern internet streaming services, gps systems, radio broadcasts, clocks, and wristwatches are no exception to this...
Who Invented the Clock
Who Invented the Clock?
A recently viewed meme (here at Times Ticking) asked the question, “How did the first clockmakers know what time it was without a clock?”. Well, before mechanical movements were in town squares, before...
Mickey Mouse Watch History
Mickey Mouse Watch History
Being no strangers to branding, licensing, and marketing, the Walt Disney Company has lent its name to a wide variety of toys, trinkets, and other merchandise—for nearly a century. Variety aside, one particular...

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