history of wrist watch
The History Of The Wrist Watch: From The Pocket To The Wrist
The clock is an amazing invention. The ability to schedule events with exact precision is a fundamental part of modern life. Virtually every person living in a first world country can know what time it...
nato strap
What is a NATO watch strap?
The North Atlantic Treaty Organization was created in 1949 among twelve nations to provide collective security against the feared threat of the Soviet Union.  NATO was the first peacetime military alliance...
bulova curv 98a207
What Is A Bulova CURV Watch?
In early 2016, Bulova watch corporation unveiled what it called the world’s first curved chronograph watch, the Bulova CURV.   This latest feature in Bulova innovation was released at Baselworld,...
watch winder
What Is A Watch Winder And Do You Need One?
An automatic watch operates on the principle of winding itself using a moving weight, or balance wheel, which is inside the watch. In fact many watches use an exhibition case back which allows you to see...
Mads Mikkelsen Style
How Are Seiko And Pulsar Watches Related?
We often get asked about the Seiko watches and Pulsar watches and more specifically what is the relationship and what are the differences?  We’ll discuss a brief history of the brands and a...

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