most popular citizen watches for men
The #1 Most Harmful Mistake People Make With A Citizen Eco-Drive Watch
We are going to cover the most common mistake people make with their Citizen Eco-Drive watch. The most common mistake made with Citizen Eco-Drive watches is storing it in a place that doesn’t...
Watches and Wonders 2022
The Background Of The Watch
The Background of the Watch Time measurement has actually been an objective of man from the beginning of time. How exactly did we get to where we are with watches? People have always relied on the planets...
Investing in a Luxury Watch
8 Steps On Taking Care Of Your Luxury Watch
8 steps on taking care of your luxury watch: No one wants to spend hundreds or even thousand of dollars on a nice watch have have it not look nice and clean. We did some digging and found eight steps to...
Seiko SNK809
Is Your Automatic Watch Running Fast?
Is your automatic watch running fast? That’s great!! You will be early for all your appointments and you might even get a raise from your boss! However; if you are like most people you want your...
Chinese Ormolu clock
The Chinese Ormolu Clock
The Chinese Ormolu clock, dating back to 1736-1795, is a complicated, multi-functioning clock and is regarded as one of the most extraordinary and impressive clocks in the world. It was sold at an auction...

The Most Popular Watches

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