The History Of The Bifora Watch Company
The Bifora Watch Company – one of the world’s most respected and beloved watch brands was founded over a century ago in the quaint German town of Pforzheim, Germany. Bifora has a rich history that...
Leona Bass
Should a watch be worn on the left or right wrist?
Which wrist is right? Try saying that ten times fast. Not easy, is it? While that tongue twister may be challenging to master, answering the question shouldn’t be so difficult. If you are wondering which...
Hans Wildorf Rolex and Tudor
The Relationship Between Rolex And Tudor
Let’s explore the fascinating world of two luxury timepieces – Rolex and Tudor.   If you’re a watch enthusiast, you already know that these two brands are legends in their own...
Rihanna's LVII Jacob & Co. Wristwatch
We all love a good show and few know how to put one on better than our favorite diva from Barbados, who happened to put on an iconic half-time performance for this year’s LVII (57th) Superbowl, a...
The Most Impressive Watch Company
The Lemania Watch Company is (probably) the most impressive watch company – you’ve never heard of. While brands like Rolex, Omega, Cartier, and Patek Philippe, are well known – Lemania,...

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