Nixon Porter Leather
Preventing Your Leather Watch Strap From Cracking and Peeling
Expert Watch Repair Start Repair Here at Times Ticking we get the question “What can I do to keep my leather watch strap from cracking and peeling?”, a lot, so today we’re...
Fossil Machine Chronograph Watch FS4487
Drawing details from racing, Machine boasts a sleek silicone strap, turquoise dial with black diamond overlay and three sub-eyes reminiscent of vintage racecar gauges. Designed for the racing enthusiast,...
Fossil Commuter Stainless Steel Watch FS5403
Resembling a turn-of-the-century wristwatch, this three-hand date makes an impeccable impression with its iconic wire lug case, concave dial construction and overall clean aesthetic. Made to your standards,...
Fossil Machine Smoke Stainless Steel Watch FS4774P
Part effortless cool, part extreme functionality—the Machine watch is the ultimate masculine essential. With a rugged design, oversized case and aeronautical-inspired gauges, this industrial style is right...
Fossil Minimalist Black Stainless Steel Watch FS5308
Meet The Minimalist—simplicity at its finest from case to strap. Mastering the balance of vintage inspiration with modern design, this timepiece encapsulates the minimalistic aesthetic from its clean face...

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