Does Your Watch Battery Need a Replacement
Replace Watch Battery
A watch battery, or a button cell, is a small single cell battery shaped as a squat cylinder. Devices using button cells are usually designed to use a cell giving a long service life, typically well over...
Antiques Roadshow Wristwatch Gems
Antique Watch Repair
Have you ever seen an antique watch up close? If so, you know how beautiful and unique these watches are.So much time and detail in an antique watch that is very hard to find today. The Elgin National...
A Swiss Watch with Latin Roots
Watches Repair
Ever wondered how to have your watch repaired? We have customers send multiple watches at a time! And why? We make things simple for you. We fix your watch while you relax. We have some customers try and...
tag heuer watch repair
Tag Watch Repair
We get a lot of questions about Tag watches and whether they are worth the money, how nice are they really ?? etc. People approach us constantly with a Tag and they ask us questions like is it real? How...
Nixon 51-30 Chrono
Times Ticking and Nixon Watches
Founded in 1997 in Encinitas, California, Nixon is an American watches, accessories and audio brand. Focused on the youth lifestyle market, Nixon’s range of team-designed, custom-built products was first...

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