Watch Battery Replacement
Replacing Watch Batteries
Replacing watch batteries is necessary for quartz watches. In some cases, replacing the battery in a watch is easy, but many watches require special tools to open them and it may be required to unscrew...
Independent Watchmaker to Repair a Watch
Watch Servicing
Getting your watch serviced can include many different repairs. From crystal replacement to band adjustments, these repairs can also range widely in price. Different kinds of watches require different...
rolex watches for women
Watch Polishing
With every watch, there is some debate over whether or not the scratches on it should be polished out, or if that will lower the value of the watch. Rare or collector’s watches should be kept unpolished...
watch repair
Watch Repairer
A watch repairer is more commonly known as a watchmaker, someone who makes and repairs watches. Since a majority of watches are now factory made, most modern watchmakers only repair watches. However, originally...
How Swiss Watchmaking Became an Empire
Swiss Watch Repair
If a watch says “Swiss parts,” “Swiss Made,” or “Swiss Movement” on it, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the watch is from Switzerland or that all the parts are...

The Most Popular Watches

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