bulova clock repair
10 Things About Bulova You (Probably) Didn't Know
1. An Immigrant In New York City, a jeweler’s shop known as the J. Bulova Company was established, in 1875, by a Bohemian immigrant by the name of Joseph Bulova. The business was located on Maiden...
Harry Potter Clocks
The Magic and Muggle World of Horology
In the Harry Potter world, there are countless variations of time keeping devices that, here in the muggle world, would absolutely mesmerize us, enchanting the walls of our living rooms, schools and even...
Sharon Dylan
Is It Still Worth It To Invest In A Mechanical Watch?
Some thought that mechanical watches would never recover from the advent of cheaper quartz watches, but they were wrong. Likewise, when the smartwatch phenomenon took hold, the same fear prevailed. Alas,...
Why men refused to wear watches
Why Men Refused To Wear Watches
It’s been said that men have always interacted, with trends, at a much slower pace than women. While women control the world’s buying power – many report around 80% of it, there are apparel,...
Lisa Dietrich
What's the difference between automatic, mechanical, and hand-wound watches?
Mechanical watch movements come in many shapes and sizes, but the two most common are automatic and hand-wound. The type you want really depends on your personal preferences, as each type delivers differently...

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