the sound a clock makes
The Sound A Clock Makes
Why don’t clocks tock-tick? If you ask someone what sound a clock makes, their answer will be “tick-tock,” and never “tock-tick.” But every tick of the clock sounds the same – one doesn’t tick while the...
The Holy Trinity Of Watchmaking
The Holy Trinity of Watchmaking
Today, there are numerous elite Swiss watch brands manufacturing elaborate complications within their timepieces. Most are found in ‘The Watch Valley Of Switzerland’ which is a section of the...
Watch Crystal
How to Replace a Damaged Watch Crystal - Part I
Your watch has been through a lot with you, so our guess is that you hope to hold onto it for a good, long time. But what happens when your watch crystal gets scratched, fogged, cracked, or shattered? It...
Slow Mo 11 Watch
The One-Hand Watch
In 1510, Peter Henlein, from Nuremburg, Germany, created the world’s first pocket watch. An astonishing achievement, he made advancements in mainsprings and created a smaller watch design that was previously...
Harriet Chan
Why do watches have jewels?
When watchmakers talk about jewels, they are not referring to the decorative gemstones on your watch’s bezel or band. Rather, the ‘jewels’ they’re referring to are inside your watch movement, unseen but...

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